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Re: heart rate?

In regards to heart rate and exercise...

First consult a physician before beginning any new exercise program, and STOP and consult a doctor if you have pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, or any questions about your exercise program.

That being said, your normal resting heart-rate is normally in the range of 60 - 100 beats per minute. Your "target" heart rate for exercise should be 60% to 80% of your "maximum" heart rate. This sounds complicated but there are a couple of formulas that you can figure all this out with quite easily. The first is simpler, but less individualized.

First, the abbreviations I will use for the formulas...

Resting Heart Rate = RHR
Maximum Heart Rate = MHR
Target Heart Rate = THR
Heart Rate Reserve = HRR
Training Range = TR

The first formula is quite simple.

220 - AGE = MHR
MHR X .6 = low end of THR and MHR X .8 = high end of THR

Example (round figures to whole numbers)

220 - 24 = 196
148 X .6 = 118
148 X .8 = 157

So my target heart rate would be between 118 and 157 beats per minute

The second formula is a bit more complicated. First you need to get your true RHR. The best way to determine this at home is to take your pulse for one full minute as soon as you wake up three days in a row, and then average those results.


220 - AGE = MHR
HRR X .6 = low end of TR and HRR X .8 = high end of TR
lowTR + RHR = low end of THR and highTR + RHR = high end of THR


My RHR when taken as described above averages to 61.

220 - 24 = 196
196 - 61 = 135
135 X .6 = 81 and 135 X .8 = 108
81 + 61 = 142 and 108 + 61 = 169

So my target heart rate would be between 142 and 169 beats per minute.

As you can see, the simple formula doesn't take into account your individual normal heart rate, but is easier to figure out. The second one is more complicated but takes your personal stats into consideration. And, the results are similar but not identical - hence the reason that you should discuss what *your* exercise program should entail.

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