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can anyone help?

I found the healthboards today while searching for info on lung cancer. I just found out today that my granny has less than 2 months to live.

I figured I would stop in here and try and figure out my own health problems since the doctors seem to be @ a loss.

I am a student, no health insurance and no prayer for getting any unless I get a full grad student fellowship, very little money and I am sick of the medical merry go round I have been on for six years.

The first asthma attack I had was in 9th grade. It was exercise onset. Every year following, I would get two severe upper resp infections. Freshman year of college I had bronchitis that progressed to pneunomia and I was puking up puddles of mucous.

It's 8 year later and my lung capacity has decreased to a point where every doctor that tests me immediately double checks their instruments, checks me again, triple checks, and checks me again. My o2 stays within normal limits most times but my body is CONSTANTLY tired and I know it's because I am having to work so hard to get enough oxygen.

I have been referred to a pulmonologist but I can NOT afford the visit. I already have about 50k in medical debt and he won't allow me to go without paying up front. (smart man)

My question, after all there anything I can do on my own to prevent this from progressing? One primary care doc @ my school even suggested it was early onset copd...which is scary. I had severe allergies as a child, was prescribed several meds, but never took them and didn't get to go to the doctor much after that b/c we lost health insurance. My senior year of high school, I was so sick that my pediatrician did tests for leukemia, liver disease, hypothyroidism, etc...b/c of a variety of skewed blood work results.

My health has continued to degrade since then. How much of it could have to do with my breathing?

Sorry that this is long. The news about my granny has my mind garbled. I will continue to read to see what I can learn.

Today, my breathing is ok. Yesterday, it was awful. I have bronchitis and I was so incredibly tight yesterday that I couldn't move any air once or twice. It sucked. I don't hae a nebulizer (again, money) so I only have a steroid and rescue inhaler.


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