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Re: heart rate?

Hi ChuckDiesel
Is your heart beat regular with each "pulse" beat feeling much the same ? I am not medically qualified but I would think that your previous resting heart rate of 75-85 bpm was a bit high. As Kitten1980 advises (above) the best way to find your resting heart rate is to take your pulse for a full minute when you wake up (& before any activity)
and average it over three days or so. It is not dangerous in itself for your pulse to drop into the 50s at night, but I would monitor the trend, and anything below 50 bpm should be followed up by a visit to the Doctor. If your have other symptoms such as an irregular pulse, breathlessness, feeling too sweaty and/or sick, you should also see a Doctor. At the moment you should not spend any time worrying, but continue, as you have been doing, to be aware of your body's responses and well-being.All the Best,

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