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only 22 and this is happening?

so over christmas break i experienced very rare shortness of breath...i mean, like for 5 mins every 3 or so days...standing up would alleviate it. now, i've come back to school and the problem seems to have gotten worse. the shortness of breath is constant to where i'm almost trying to swallow more air as it feels like the lower part of my lungs is not getting filled up. additionally, i've started to measure my heart rate, and it's way up (for me) to 80-90 bpm. there's hasn't been any chest pain except for the fact that my heart beats so much and hard that i think it's actually hurting my breasbone. when i try to hold my breath, while standing up, my heart is basically popping out of my chest it's beating to hard and i get a little lightheaded. i've also been waking up 5-6 hours after i go to sleep (during sleep the breathing seems to be totally normal) and waking up and then not being able to go back to sleep. this is freaking me out so i'm definitely going to the doctor but does anyone have any clues or suggestions?

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