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Re: Anyone with Benicar or Avapro experience

I am on plain old Benicar 20 mg (no HCT) with very good results. Benicar is a little more potent and has better 24 hour control than Diovan. So, IMHO, it's a better choice anyway (aside from the fact that it is a little cheaper). Though I wouldn't expect there to be a dramatic difference between the two.

Each medication has two versions - plain, vanilla (Diovan, Benicar, Avapro, Cozaar) and HCTZ versions (Diovan HCT, Benicar HCT, Avalide, Hyzaar). My preference is a the plain version combined with a low sodium diet. If you want to continue eating normal (i.e. excessive) amounts of sodium, you'd be better off with the HCTZ versions.