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Post esophagus cancer?

Lately I have discomfort during swallowing. So I have a barium swallow (X-ray upper GI series) done this week. And the report comes out like this:


Preliminary film of the abdomen demonstrates no specific abnormality, Contrast material swallowed without apparent difficulty. In the upright position, there is mild spasm distal esophagus. In the recumbent position, some reflux could be seen fluoroscopically. I cannot define hiatus hernia with certainty but distal 2 or 3 cm of the esophagus do not open as well as average and region is probably mildly narrowed. I see no ulcerations. No gastric ulterations or filling defects. Normal appearing duodenal bulb. Proximal small bowel unremarkable.


Intermittent gastroesophageal reflux with some spasm and probably mild narrowing of the distal esophagus. Only equivocal small hiatus hernia. No other significant abnormality.

Is there anything to be concerned about? I am very annoyed by the 'narrowing of the distal esophagus'. Sounds like something very serious. Is it cancer-related? Thank you.

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