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Hi everyone

I couldnt find anything related to this. I wanted to find out if anyone was experiencing alike mine. My vertigo is the kind that is on top of the dizzyness that I ve had for while. where u would feel light headed. sometimes it feels like your head is congested. maybe bit off balance feeling. The vertigo would be " surprise attack" where i would get freaked out at that moment and always needing to grab and hold on to something. My head feels like slot machine at that moment. Where things are spinning fast then starts to slow down just like a slot machine. then it will stop. It could last anywhere from 5 seconds to 20 seconds. sometimes maybe little longer but never longer than 1 minute. But its the feeling afterwards. it would suck out my whole energy. It hit me last sunday while I was driving, BAM! vertigo time. Jeez I was freaked out. But thank god it was during a moment where there was no cars around. So I got fed up! I already went to my Family dr many many many times. They are tired of me. It was seemly caused by my sinus problem. So I decided to go to ENT and they had me taking decongestion and sinus rinse. But then the Vertigo started up 3 months ago. Before that was just dizzy feeling and congested head and always feeling tired. So when I went to ENT I went there to try to figure out the solution for my sinus. then few weeks later I had vertigo. So I went back there and the whole situation shifted. My sinus now was an old issue. I went and got MRI CT scan ENG test done. all revealed to be ok. so now they referred me to Neurologist. I was like wait a min what about my sinus. they said it was out of their hand! So I went to make appt with Neurologist and had to wait 2 months. I was ******! 2 months. now i got 1 and half week left. But the Vertigo was getting worse. It would keep attacking out of the blue. and it was affecting my job, relationship, everything. So one day I was FED up and went to chiropactor. and explained to him that I had a real sore stiff neck, that I have been complaining to the drs about. But my family dr says its related to my sinus. and ENT sad it was out of their hand. Chiropactor asked me if I could ve hurt myself in the past. I said yeah I was in car accident back in May a minor hit behind my car. So he did his job. as he was popping my head. when he did the right side i felt nerve strikign all over my right arm from neck to the tip of my finger and nerve running down my spine. I was like whoa!! He said it must ve been pinched nerve. so Suggested I to see him 3 times a week for 4 weeks. Since then I ve gained some energy, my neck doesnt hurt as much as it used to. it s hurting a bit today and i m feeling tad bit woozy. I think its also cuz of the weather etc. But I havent had vertigo since sunday. SO I m wondering if any of you had any experience with Vertigo related with nerve pinching? Cuz I had a very minor vertigo this afternoon while i was napping in the car just like less than a second i woke up it stopped and i tried to figure out why it happened. Then I realize that i was leaning my head agaist the neck rest but it was so far back that i had to bend my neck backward. But this pisses me off, I have told the DRs so many times that my neck was hurting and they said it was related to sinus. and the chiropactor felt it and said he could fell the nerve and neck muscle being VERY tight.

Well I hope someone here can share the same feeling. maybe not the same situation I went thru but something related with the Vertigo. I sure hope so.
thanks for ur time

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