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Smoking has been known to shorten one's life. Smoking in combination with obesity and excessive drinking of alcohol, is even worse.

Most likely at your young age, you won't die of smoking any time "soon". But statistically, you are a lot worse off.

Those tobacco companies have you and a lot of people "hooked" on these cigarettes. It's not really fair, is it? Once you start, it's extremely difficult to quit.

Maybe realizing that they are not only forcing you to do something you don't want to do, but are also making a profit ($$$,$$$,$$$,$$$) at it, will motivate you to quit. By smoking you are giving them revenues, worsening your health, and depriving yourself of money that could be better spent some where else.

Smoking not only leads to cancer in a lot of cases, but is also horrible for the teeth. You probably have nice teeth. A few years later, you might be looking at dentures. It's kind of sad, huh? There are thirty-some or forty-some aged people with false teeth. The cost and pain is not worth it. You can read about people (a lot of young people) in the dental section that talk about this misery.

I hope you are able to quit this soon. Best of luck. We are always here to support you, and encourage you to take these positive steps....