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Re: How do you Detox?

Originally Posted by valleygurl
I would really be interested in detoxing my body. Can someone tell me exactly what and how to do it? Also, tell me the exact benefits from it? Thanks in advance, ValleyGurl
The body stores toxins (which come from pesticides, metals from packaging, air pollution, undigested food in the gut sitting there rotting etc) in the fat on the body. Over time the toxins seaps into the blood stream where are send to the various organs. This causes a strain on the body as vital organs must use their energy to process the toxins. Common symptoms of toxicity are headaches, digestive disorders etc.

A detox helps your body get back to optimal condition by NOT adding any more toxins than it aready contains and helping it to help itself to expel the toxins it ALREADY has.

You do this with various juicing, organic fruits and salads, lots of water, light exercise, meditation and body brushing to phsycially jump start the expelling of toxins. In addition there are herbs and teas that can enhance the process (such as Milk Thistle which supports the liver or peppermint tea which aids digestion.) If you like - and are brave!! - you can do it with a colonic too or an enema as this gets rid of intestinal matter that may prevent the good stuff from getting into your system.

Basically detox is like cleaning out that junk drawer that has SO much crap in it that just keeps getting piled in - except its your body you're doing it to.

If you want a complete fast, let me know and I'll post it (its a bit long!!)

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