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Re: How do you Detox?

I completely agree about the importance of detoxing the liver. Although I haven't done a 7 day fast in many years I do place a lot of emphasis on detoxing the liver and do it many times a month. A came across a mild liver cleanse that appeals to me which I have posted before. It's the juice of one lemon, 3-4 oz of aloe vera juice (use the detoxifying formula with 10 herbs if you can find it), liquid milk thistle (comes in 2 oz container), liquid garlic extract (also in 2 oz container) and olive oil. Add some water to this. It's not all all difficult to drink. You can also add Green Tea liquid extract. This plan brought my ALT which was elevated back to the normal range. It's also a good plan for those who consume alcohol. Also good for the liver is juicing dandellion, beets and carrots. I do this several times a month.