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Talking It was the reflux!

Checked in with my allergist today - sure enough, the reflux was causing my asthma issues. Everything seems fine with the thyroid, but will do some cortisol hormone testing soon (waiting on referral) to make sure it's ONLY reflux that caused my issues.

Physician did state that the reflux can make the lungs sensitive enough that a MC challenge test will be positive, which is what happenned in my case.

She is 100% positive that it is reflux and not asthma.

I started Nexium today and what a change it has already made for me! I don't think I've been able to breathe this well in months, maybe years! Also I suffer from recurrent sinus infections, which physician also linked to the reflux.

Just wanted to share in case someone else was having some indigestion/reflux problems. I was unaware that I was even having reflux until I finally figured out that was the reason I was waking up at night gagging! I knew it was reflux when I got up one morning and couldn't talk. The reflux had been serious that night and that's how I decided to try the Axid to see if I really was having an asthma mimic condition.

Let's just say that my physician is the best! She was very open to my suggestions and research and thanks to the people that helped me on here, we've decided to make sure it's only the reflux (Thanks Chris, I'm working on the cortisol test).

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