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Shoreline - question to your response please

Thank you for your response to my oxycontin question reguarding taking tums with oxycontin. You mentioned "ghost pills". My pill is a regular tablet, not a capsule with little beads in it. I was wondering how does that break down into being a long acting medication? I assumed that it would be a capsule with little beads in it. I do have a great doc (finally). He did start me out on a small dose - 10mg every 8 hours (he is smart enough to know it really doesn't last 12 hours) for the first week and doubling it after that. I do have break through meds and hope next week do be able to decrease the useage of those. So far, I have not had any ill side effects from the oxyC, not tired or dopey at all. A lot of constipation though! LOL. Where in your body does this med break down? In the stomach? In the bowels? In the blood stream? I am very new to this and am just curious. I will check out the website you referred me to.

Thank you


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