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Re: severe chronic urticaria

Originally Posted by trinity244
Hi kristi. I know someone else who was getting hives while she was pregnant and they stopped after her daughter was born. Doctors told her that hormones could be a factor. I have also wondered about hormone involvement myself. I used to have the Norplant birth control device and had it taken out beacause I thought it might be causing the problem. I have since been taking birth control pills and wonder again if this doesn't contribute. I have actually thought about getting an IUD instead, just in case the hormones are the problem. I discussed my syptoms with my gynocologist and she hadn't heard of any allergies or reactions related to birth control pills, but then again we all go see allergists and immunologists, and dermatologists. So, I'm not sure they would even know.
Welcome Trinity244. My hives did not appear until my son was about 9 years old. I never had them during pregnancy. I don't believe it is hormones based on the tons of research I have done, but I could be wrong.