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Exclamation Thick ejaculation, weak/no orgasm


I havent ejaculated in over a week until today and everything was fine before. This morning I figured I'd take care of business and I found it hard to reach climax and when I did it was very weak and my semen was a lot thicker than usual and not as white. Wouldnt say it burned but it was warm feeling and wasnt like anything i've ever felt before - Not very satisfying. Tried again tonight and it felt a little better but not much. No warm feeling this time but same thick stuff.

I'm just now getting over one of the worst cases of the flu i've ever had. Could this be the problem? Also, Right before i had the flu (4 days ago) me and the mrs. had sex twice but I did not ejaculate because we had to stop both times after about 20 minutes. I was very close though. Could this have contributed? Are there side effects from getting "teased"... close to orgasm but not actually going?

I guess I'll see if I can work things back into shape for the time being


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