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ASPERGER Teenager problems,do you have them?

Hello i,m a newbie here and would like to know if anyone has teenage Asperger kids? My son is nearing 16 he was dx with A.S. at 6 an a half years (first year of school) and another dx at 13 years.The dx didn't change one iota in that period.My son is proving to be a very ,very big handful to control. I can not seperate(at times) AS behaviour and normal testosterone fuelled male adolescent behaviour. The two seem to blend into a horrible combustable mixture at times. He like nearly every other AS child i know is friendless,at school he is the butt of jokes and bullying is an ongoing problem. He yearns for friends and also female friends like other boys his age have. He is presently obssesed with cars(hot rods ,souped up models etc), he will load up his school bag with 5 or 10 car mags (if we don't catch him) and just look at them over an over again,he will use these as conversation pieces and never realise that he is boring the pants off his listners or aggravating them. The impact of things like this usually end up wrecking our home life for the night,then in the morning we make sure he only has 2 at the most of his magazines and that sets the whole thing off again. The point of this post is to (hopefully) hear from other parents of teenage AS kids, and maybe learn from them some stratagies to help and vice versa. Life has been very difficult for us all but you cope and just get on with it, but by crikey this period is the absolute pits!! I think the greatest thing that could happen to my son would be ..the making of a friend his age!! Not an older person or a mentor type person but another girl seeking,car loving,Ps2 playing kid!! Alas i,m resigned to the fact that this will in reality never happen. So if you have a story to tell that is similiar,i would enjoy hearing it...cheers matt

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