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Re: ASPERGER Teenager problems,do you have them?

My son is 18 and social situations are difficult but over time he has made a few good friends. He gets frustrated because they are not really the friends he would like to have. They are not the most popular kids. He seems to focus on having things that attract friends like a cool car or cool clothes. He has had girlfriends. Right now he doesn't but would probably like to have one. When he came home last night after being out cruising we asked how his night went. He said not good. He spent the evening alone because no one tried to befriend him in any way. I worry that he's a target for bad kids too. We had a little go around with some that had latched on to him because he has money and a vehicle. Thankfully he saw them for what they really were without getting into trouble himself. He is planning to go to college next fall. I hope as he matures that he will find some people who are interested in the same things he is. He is planning to study graphic arts at a vocational school. I don't know what to recommend to you except tell him to keep trying to make friends. Maybe a car club would be good for him. They have those on a local level and possibly they wouldn't tire of hearing him talk on that subject. If his father is in the picture maybe they could join one together which might help your son to model after his father to see how he handles meeting new people and bringing up the subjects that he likes to talk about. Kids who go to church have been good for my son also. The youth groups encourage kids to invite other kids.