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Husband back from Iraq weird symptoms

My husband got back from Iraq almost a year ago. He is a helicopter pilot in the army. He got out afew months ago and got a great job. Recently he got horrialbe headaches that caused him to miss work. He has never gotten headaches in the past. Then he started getting dizzy, no fever, just headaches and dizziness.

Soon he started having seizure like symptoms. His leg and right side of his body would go numb. we thought at 35 he was having a stroke. took him into the Er and he couldnt hardly talk or remember things. With in an hour he was back to normal. they did an mri and ct scan, nothing wrong. two days later I awoke with him having another seizure type thing. Not flopping around, his body would go stiff , he wouldnt respond and he was delusional, it passes then he's ok.

Took him back to the ER and they found abnormal EEG reading, but said he had no seizure. Finally I called 911 and by the time the ambulance came he didnt know where he was, was having the seizure type things. Doctors are baffeled, one thought it maybe from the war, the other thought it maybe spinal menigitis but he had no fever. Could this be something from the war? Should we contact the Army doctor he use to have? He's doing ok now but i hope it doesnt happen again!

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