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Originally posted by Oh'eck:
I'm 19 and for the last few weeks I've noticed a dull pain in my left testicle that seems to come and go. I've also detected a 'lump' at the top of the left testicle - I'm not sure if this is the "epididymis" or not - how am I meant to tell the difference having no idea what its meant to feel like?.
The lump might be the epididymis or the rete testis. I do appreciate, though, that any pains (or what not) having to do with the testicles is very unsettling. I totally think you should get it checked out, because it'll make you feel a lot better. The thing with this kind of thing, a common theme arises (something that I say a lot on this board..ESPECIALLY with testicular problems) is that you can get hypervigilant and start concentrating on your testicles and paying attention to things you normally wouldn't....over time, this can lead to paranoia (which sucks)....but if you get it checked out and there's nothing wrong, you will feel much better.
This may be related or a different issue but I also passed a Kidney stone 2 months back and have, of late, been passing urine like there's no tomorrow- just can't seem to 'retain' for long periods.
I don't think this is related to your testicular discomfort, but the frequent urinating might be an after-effect of the stone. Are you drinking a ton of water right now by any chance?
I've decided to go for a check up - but they'll probably end up refering me to someone else and so on. I'm also fairly concerned about what they'll tell me.

Thanks might get referred to a urologist.

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