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i went throuh testicular cancer with my ex-husband 5 years ago and it was the hardest thing ever i had thought untill it came back 3 years later in his lung and the doctor didnt think he would beat it, the thing with testicular cancer is if your gonna get it you will get it 27,28,or 29 years old thats the time you will get it if you do get it, not at nineteen years old thats too young,we noticed a lump in his left testicle when he was about 27 so the doctors removed the testicle and yes you can live without it,the our mistake was we listened to the doctor and didnt get chemo, we did learn later that because we didnt get the chemo it had came back a few years lare in his lung after 4 months of chemo and surgery we did get rid off it again so its been 3 years and no sign of it. so i hope this will work for you.thank you