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Question from a beginner dieter...

Ok I am not necessarily on a specific diet, but I have changed the way I eat. I am eating less white bread and carbs in general, I do not eat as much at dinner and more during the day and I walk about 2 miles a day burning about 300 calories (I Know it isn't a lot but I figured it is something). I think more reasonably about what I should eat and don't just eat anything that might look good and I try and stop myself before I feel full (which I never use to do). I am eating better snacks as well; fruits, veggies, etc. I don't even want to lose that much weight, I just wanted to start eating healthier and lose about 5-7 pounds really. I have been doing this probably for about a week and a half, maybe a little bit longer. I am still the same weight I was before though. At first I was kinda ****** and wondering if I was even doing any good.

So I guess I am wondering if I have to do more then what I am doing to really see a change or could this new way of eating be helping it just hasn't shown on the scale yet? I mean my body does feel different so I figured I lost at least one pound or SOMETHING. Any tips or anything would be appreciated, thanks.


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