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Re: Question from a beginner dieter...

Originally Posted by SMT12483
Ok I am not necessarily on a specific diet, but I have changed the way I eat. I am eating less white bread and carbs in general, I do not eat as much at dinner and more during the day and I walk about 2 miles a day burning about 300 calories (I Know it isn't a lot but I figured it is something). I think more reasonably about what I should eat and don't just eat anything that might look good and I try and stop myself before I feel full (which I never use to do). I am eating better snacks as well; fruits, veggies, etc. I don't even want to lose that much weight, I just wanted to start eating healthier and lose about 5-7 pounds really. I have been doing this probably for about a week and a half, maybe a little bit longer. I am still the same weight I was before though. At first I was kinda ****** and wondering if I was even doing any good.

So I guess I am wondering if I have to do more then what I am doing to really see a change or could this new way of eating be helping it just hasn't shown on the scale yet? I mean my body does feel different so I figured I lost at least one pound or SOMETHING. Any tips or anything would be appreciated, thanks.


What do you eat in an average day? You could start by writing down EVERYTHING you eat. Sometimes its easy to pack stuff away and later think "i didn't eat that much" but when we see it written down...we're surprised how much we ate.

But, I'd say, focus on stuff you CAN have and focus on protein for every meal - fish, lean chicken, tofu, nuts, beans etc. I'm not saying eat ONLY proteins, but when we strive to have a piece of lean, clean protein with each meal the carbs just kind of take care of themselves.

Portion control is important too. Maybe buy yourself a set of measuring cups just to be aware of what you eat. A 'portion' of something might be, say, 1/4 cup, but when you measure what you USUALLY eat you may be having 2 cups!! (think rice and pasta - its AMAZING how much of it we eat without realizing it)

Also, start reading - books, fitness/health magazines etc. I just read a book called 'You are what you eat' by Gillian McKeith and it really inspired me. Its not overly tecnhical and has a great section on common ailments and what the cause could be and what nutrition will help counteract it.