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Re: Question from a beginner dieter...

Originally Posted by SMT12483
So I guess I am wondering if I have to do more then what I am doing to really see a change or could this new way of eating be helping it just hasn't shown on the scale yet?
You need a little more exertion than walking. If you're below 40 years old and in good health theres really no reason for you not to run instead of walk. To burn calories you gotta SWEAT AND PANT!!! Theres no easy way around it.

Also, do some light weight lifting. Muscles mass requires energy even when you're resting, so while you're in a moment of inactivity your muscles are still yelling 'feed me' and your body is sending that stores fat to satiate them. I'm not saying you have to become a body builder but building muscles tone will help you to burn more calories. Try buying a couple of 5 pound weights - they cost a couple of bucks a KMart and buy a fitness mag $3 and follow some of the exercises.

Good luck!