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Re: Question from a beginner dieter...

For breakfast I have a cup of cereal with skim milk. Then for lunch I will have a Dannon Light and Fit yogurt and also a fruit cup of some kind with also maybe some whole wheat bread with peanut butter. Or I might have an apple with peanut butter and some crackers with fruit also and I usually have a salad also. For dinner it is harder to control because I am home from college right now so I have to eat what my mom makes for the rest of the family, which is usually a lot of carbs (she is Polish, very big on bread). So I try to control what I eat at dinner though, I have more protein than carbs and also eat more veggies at dinner.

My other problem is I am a very fast eater, which usually means I don't even realize I am full until about 5 bites after I probably should have stopped eating. Also you are right about me running instead of walking, I have started to run during periods of my walking. Now that I think about it I guess while I have been eating healthier than I use to it may not directly go along with losing weight. Thanks to everyone who replied.