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Early hyper tension -- any suggestions

Iam new to this board, 35y and come with a history of family HBP ( dad, grand mother etc.,), stroke etc.,

About a couple of months back doctor measured the BP and it was 140/90 and after a month he measured it again and it as normal ( ~125/82). He did not prescribe any medicines and asked me to measure BP at home using an automatic machine and asked me control salt ( cut down on junk food) and continue doing 30 min exercise. I started noting down the readings every day morning and evening. Most of the weeks it was normal. However I notice some weeks (7days or so) it goes up to say 140/90 and then again drops to normal. Here are some initial set of questions:

1) What can I do on my own to control BP (without doctors help)? -- Read a bit about DASH diet, any other good things ?
2) Are there are any root causes for HBP ?
3) Any good alternatives to control HBP ? -- such as Vit C etc., ?

Thanks much.

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