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Re: Early hyper tension -- any suggestions

Same thing as you.... Genetics on my mom's side..... Don't go on meds.... I repeat don't go on meds. 140/90 at the doc. is no big deal imo. B/P meds. have a lot of side-effects & have messed up my lifestyle over the past two years. Take your B/P a few times a week at different times for a month or two. I am 34 & on 2 B/P meds. Atenolol 100 MGS & Lotrel 5/20. My B/P on these meds. averages 114/66. It goes down to 108/59 with a pulse of 52 at times. They have ruined my lifestyle. 140/90 at the doc. & you need to consider meds.... give me a break. With your #'s at the doc. 50% of the population would be on B/P meds. Take care of yourself. Drink in moderation, keep your weight down, excercise & monitor your b/p away from the doc. for a couple of months. Bring in your readings next time. Trust me. I'm speaking from experience & I am 34, 5' 11" 150.

90-95% of high blood pressure there is no known cause for. They can test for secondary causes through blood tests & etc. Your #'s aren't that bad at all.

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