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breakthrough pain meds????? warning, long!!

i have been on different meds for some time due to 2 serious injuries and they just dont work as well as i had hoped. im thinking about trying a little something extra for breakthrough pain, and im wondering if you guys that have pretty bad pain get any more relief from adding these to your regular med regimen?

by the way, i fell off a cliff (26 foot) when i was 18 and broke a single vertebrae (L3) in different places (compound fracture), also i broke my right wrist in 3 places. the wrist was re-broke by a doctor and had a cast put on.

2 months later when it was time for the cast to come off, the doctors said it would not heal the way it was & had to rebreak it again. this time when the cast came off it was "okay".

i had alot of problems with my back, and about 2 years later i got into a severe accident & messed up my back pretty bad, fractured my skull, broke my right collarbone, busted up my face/teeth/knees pretty bad (bloody mess) and had to be transported to a hospital in tupelo, mississippi (im in alabama) because the hospitals here were afraid to keep/treat me because of the seriousness of it.

anyway, after about 5-6 months i could walk a little - sometimes with help/support. i was told to file for disability but i didnt want to, i wanted to heal up & move on with my life, i thought id heal & get back to work, some kinbd of work. a few years went by and i went through alot of different jobs trying to find one i could deal with, but the problem is i cant do any 1 thing for too long. if i sit a while then i have to stand....if i stand too long i have to lay down. even if im laying down too long i have to get up & sit or stand because of my back.

well more years went by and i kept losing jobs because of my back, either employers would find out about my condition, or i'd miss work & go to the hospital and get fired or have to quit. usually if i did start a new job (even 1 sitting driving & another sitting typing) id have to go to the E.R. after a day or 2 because of pain. through these years i'd daily take handfuls of tylenol/ibuprofen/anything else, sometimes the meds i'd get from the E.R. docs.

so 2 years ago i decided to file for disability before things get much worse (they were far beyond "bad" anyway). it took a long time because of my young age, they dont like to approve anyone young for that. but i did get approved and started seeing a doctor and going to the pain clinic a few times.

ive had an MRI at the pain clinic. they wanted me to come back every 2 weeks for an injection but i told them i cant - its too fart and i have no one to drive me that far. my doc gives me medicine and although sometimes i still suffer from pain/trouble getting up & down and walking, for almost 1/2 the month i can sort of tolerate the pain with my meds, as long as i take things very easy & slow.

i started on oxy 5mg, then went to 15, then 30 (these were all instant release). then i went from taking 3 30mg tabs a day to 4. then i tried oxycontin 80mg 2 times a day, but i didnt get as much relief. even though it may have been releasing doses all day (long lasting control), i dont think at any one time it ever released a dose equivalent to my 30mg instant release (it felt more like 15-20mg doses the oxycontin released and it just was not enough at a time for me). so i went back to 30mg IR 4 times a day for this month, but its not doing the trick. it does for a short while, then stops. thats why i am curious about meds for BT pain. my doctor is really great, she really works with me and helps me as long as i be honst with her (i am) and shes great, so i dont see a problem if i need something more.

what are some of your thoughts?

also, i have not talked with the surgeon yet to see if surgery is an option for downing the pain, but i did get the MRI results from my doc and my back is far worse than i though before. i have foraminal stenosis, and a diffferent problem with every vertebrae in my lumbar area (L1-L5) like spurring on 2, out of place something or other on 1, still visible fractures (im 28 this happened when i was 18), and a few more things i am not familiar with, ill know more feb 8th when i go back

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