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Re: Early hyper tension -- any suggestions

Honestly I don't think either one of you need to be on meds at all. There is not enough evidence to prove otherwise. Axe, I think you are way too overmedicated and KKotha you have not given enough stats to prove otherwise either. Your BP sounds normal for every day living. For me I am salt sensitive and even though my mom and her mom and her mom have had high BP they also smoked ate a ton of salt and never excercised and all had high bp by the age of 25. I never did any of those things and I am an athlete (not to beat a dead horse) and eat healthy and was not diagnosed until 42. In fact I always took after my dad having low BP like 117/70 for years until 42....go figure. I say try everything before you ever take these "satan's spawn" that the phramaceutical companies would love for you to be addicited to..just my opinion..Lisa

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