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Re: breakthrough pain meds????? warning, long!!

Hey JuJu,

Welcome to the PM board. No matter what Purdue says about q12h dosing for Oxycontin everybody that has used it knows tha it does not last that long. For me, about 8 hours was all it was good for. Theoretically the 80Mg should release 40Mg about 1 hour after taking it and (realistically) the other 40Mgs after five hours, so that you should maintain about a 40Mg dose over an 8 hour period. You might ask your dr about q8h dosing with the Oxycontin 80Mg or you might not be breaking down the time release binder completely. Some people just don't break it down completely. You might want to discuss other long acting meds., such Mscontin, duragesic or methdone. If you are disability and cost is a major factor, then methadone is the way to go since it is by far the cheapest pain med available. The thing to watch out for with any med change is the side effects that is unique to each one. It's always a pain (literally) changing meds. Trying to get the dosing correct while fighting the side effects and trying to figure out if you can handle the side effects at a doseage that is adaquate for relief. It is something that just has to be worked through slowly, evaluating each dose level over a two week period (that can be hell). But you've got to give it a fair trail. I also want to add that sucessful pain management is a 50% reduction in pain, giving you back at least some portion of your life not eliminating the pain altogether. For most of us totally eliminating the pain would leave us an incoherent zombie.

I'm sure someone else will be along shortly to chime in and help you out. Good luck!
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