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Re: breakthrough pain meds????? warning, long!!

thanks for the reply, i appreciate it.

i dont know too many people that have to take strong pain meds, although i do know some "old friends" that would not let me alone if they knew i took this type of med, so i make sure i tell nobody about it. they were good friends at one time, but eventually got into drugs and would do about anything they could find. i rarely see them anymore though, so thats a plus.

i know ill probably never get most of this pain under control. what i was meaning is that some of the time with this medication (oxy IR) i can almost bear the pain and get around without much help, but i HAVE to baby myself. i have to get up & down extremely slow, i cant get very active at all, and just take my steps/movements pretty slow.

ive heard of methadone being perscribed for pain, even though most folks know of it as an "addiction treatment". i tried a pill one time, and it really did help. i have not told my doctor about it but i will next visit. i just wanted to try her methods first before actually trying to make suggestions myself.

is methadone any more dangerous than oxycodone in the long-run if taken properly? the reason im curious is the time i did take one, i felt some pain relief and it seemed to last a little longer than oxy IR, and not just that but at night when i laid down, i remember feeling a pleasant sensation right in my back where the pain normally is. it felt like it was inside my backbone, and it felt like it was "tickling" my pain areas. i dont know if thats normal, it may have been a side effect but it sure felt better than pain!

anyway, thanks for the welcome and its nice to meet you