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Re: breakthrough pain meds????? warning, long!!

Something about your post does not make sense. If I'm reading right, you are taking Oxycodone and you want a bt med? Oxycodeone is a short term med and short term meds azre what is prescribed for BT. For example, I am prescribed up to 3 30mg Roxicodone for BT. My base med is a LA med. I take 60 mg MS CONTIN TID for a total of 180 mg.

The idea of a BT med is as a "emergency" pill to take when the LA med is not working and your pain is out of control at a given time. So as far as I can see, no Doc os going to give you a BT med to complement a SA med like you take.

And your taking meth behind your Docs' back is a flagrant violation of the contrac\t you might have signed. You could face instant removal as a patient. It was a foolish thing to do. If you are going to self-medicate, then you might as well look foir your meds on the street and please leave the PM Docs for us law abiding people in pain who follow the rules.