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Re: breakthrough pain meds????? warning, long!!

Originally Posted by wolftrades
Something about your post does not make sense. If I'm reading right, you are taking Oxycodone and you want a bt med? Oxycodeone is a short term med and short term meds azre what is prescribed for BT. For example, I am prescribed up to 3 30mg Roxicodone for BT. My base med is a LA med. I take 60 mg MS CONTIN TID for a total of 180 mg.

The idea of a BT med is as a "emergency" pill to take when the LA med is not working and your pain is out of control at a given time. So as far as I can see, no Doc os going to give you a BT med to complement a SA med like you take.

And your taking meth behind your Docs' back is a flagrant violation of the contrac\t you might have signed. You could face instant removal as a patient. It was a foolish thing to do. If you are going to self-medicate, then you might as well look foir your meds on the street and please leave the PM Docs for us law abiding people in pain who follow the rules.

calm down there fella, ive never taken anything without my docs approval. this was before i ever saw her for anything. when i applied for disability and even before then since i have had trouble walking i would take anything i could get for pain, but now i dont need to because the doc has been willing to work with me

the methadone i took -i tried 1 pill 1 day a few years ago, at least 2 years before i even started seeing a doctor about my pain. this was before i was taking anything other than handfuls of whatever OTC med i had at the time. a friend of mine was on meth for pain control and offered me one and i liked it.

i have never taken anything outside of what my doc gave me since i started seeing her in octoboer 2004.

i forgot to mention, i also have a script for 500 ultram 50mg, ive probably had 200 of them filled so far, so i have plenty left. the reason i asked about BT is mine is not working. i tried the oxycontin 80mg. but did not get the relief i get from oxy30IR, even though the IR is very temporary relief, and somethimes none at all.

i was really just looking for suggestions, thanks for the concern but im a big boy (at least thats what the ladies say ) and i wouldnt take something behind my docs back

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