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Re: baby pulls blanket over head during sleep

Hi All, I was reading all these posts and i felt that i really needed to share my story with you all. My sister in law (and my best friend in the world) had given birth to two beautiful children. She had her daughter first and never had any problems concerning anything at all. 2 1/2 years later she gave birth to her beautiful son, he weighed in at 8+ pounds. When he was about 3/12 months old she noticed that he was really liking his blanket, just like some of you described. Anyway, one morning she had woke up and she had just went about her morning housecleaning chores, she had started washing dishes when she realized what time it was and thought that it was strange that her baby (4 months old at that time) hadnt woke up yet. He always woke up about the same time every morning. So she went to his room and when she looked into his crib all she could see was his tiny little feet and they were blue! He had rolled hisself up tight in his blanket! She reached down and frantically started unrolling the blanket from around him to find that his whole body was bluish gray. She picked him up and laid him on the changing table and was trying to stimulate him...nothing....then she picked him up and put him over her shoulder and started patting him vigorously on the back and that is when he started to try and gasp for air. Needless to say, he did survive thank God. It scares me to death to think what may have happened if she had waited even 1 more minute to go in and check on him. The doctors stressed to her how very lucky he was, as he had severe bruising and petichia (sp?) all around his head as well as he had a large amount of blood pooling in both of his eyes on exam. I am in the medical profession and i had expressed to her how because of this incident he may very well end up with some mental or physical delays. That she may not see it at the time but they very well may show up when he becomes school age.
Now her daughter is 7 and the little baby boy is 4, I am now raising these children as my sweet sister in law unexpectedly passed away a few short months ago. I was right, the 4 year old has a severe speech delay. He didnt even say a word until he was almost 3 years old. He has had speech therapy for over a year and i see much improvement, however, people who arent around him dont understand what he is saying at all. He has some behavior issues as well as we have problems with occasional pants wetting and he wets to bed every night. Despite these problems and delays, i have had him tested and this childs intelligence level is VERY HIGH!!! He also has incredible artistic abilities too! I am so proud of him, and i know that his momma would be too!