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Re: baby pulls blanket over head during sleep

Originally Posted by kierrasmommy
Valleygurl, Sorry for the loss of your sister-in-law, you are an amazing perosn to be able to carry on for her with her precious children. That is so wonderful that she was able to find her son in time.
I was always scared about sids as well, and would check on my daughter a few times during the night, she was always pretty good at not blocking her face. There have been some really good suggestions on here. Take care.
Kierrasmommy, Thank you so much for your sympathy. I miss her so much, her little boy has her eyes. Everyday i swear i see her looking at me through him. There is also another sad part to the story that i left out. She did get pregnant and have another little baby boy. She so worried about the same thing happening to him. She went out and bought those one piece blanket sleeper sacks for him. She didnt live long enough to even see her baby roll over as she died one week after him turning 3 months old. That baby has a different father then the two children that i have so he is being raised by his father (unfortunately) seperated from his brother and sister. It is a shame, as her death is still being investigated due to the possibility that the baby's father may have killed her. It is absolutely horrible, and so hard to deal with. I am sorry for rambling on and laying this all on you, as i was originally posting to you just to thank you so much for caring. Wendy