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Re: DKAY-how long did u wait till 2nd acdf during advent of second herniation

Hi my sweet, isn't it funny..something told me to check today to see how others were doing....I fear of saying anything negative to set off people who are happy with their recovery but my situation has been changed from the high of no pain post surgery for months to oh god what is that AGAIN...and then there was Your Post.

I am sorry to hear about your mother in law. A stroke is very frightening for its victim and those around them.. so like my Dad with Alzheimer's you can just be there and reassure them they are okay and you are looking out for them....that's if they can understand dad still calls me a good kid but can't carry on a conversation at all. Life is very precious eh!

Anyway, I was in a hiatus from the pain...taking minimal pain major spasms and now this past week post Christmas I am in a mess... its hard to live this roller coaster life from feeling like an in control happy woman and reduced to a crybaby sitting in a hot tub praying I can just get the surgery and move on AGAIN.

Oh well, I posted another post cautioning others to enjoy their pain free possibly out of shape bodies but it is such a randomly selective yet statistically accurate outcome you just don't want to scare anybody who is I remember feeling...positive positive .. keep on going...THEN BOOM.

Well thanks for the response...I am not on board very often either...trying not to whine....thanks for he reiteration of how your second herniation went down. Up here in Canada we don't get very quick surgery..last time took me 2 years and I was in agony by the time it evolved...this time I am going to scream as we have both noted the second time around your nerves are more easily set how the dog barking drives me crazy.....

So when you can come on board, here and there, I would really appreciate it...its nice to be reassured that I can get through this again...not have to explain myself...and not strain my familial relationships that I hold so dearly. Its hard to complain in light of the Tsunami plight of so many poor innocent souls but I really feel like you help me get to the light at the end of the tunnel. That is Iam not alone going through this...

Your friend ...nero