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Re: Early hyper tension -- any suggestions


I have looked at one site where people rate the different meds. Lotrel 5/20 & Atenolol 100 MGS have ruined my lifestyle. Different side-effects everyday at 34 is no way to live. Yesterday my B/P was 113/67.... do I need to be on so many meds??? No. I am not so anti B/P med. for no reason. A small % of the population do need them, but I want the makers of these drugs to do more extensive testing to get rid of the side-effects and minimize them. If you think that this a small % of the population, you are incorrect. The majority that I have seen do have a lot of side-effects. There is one website where patients rate the drugs from 1-5. Look at all of the side-effects. What is worse??? Living like a zombie that feels like junk or having slightly elevated blood pressure??? Some people do need the meds., but they have ruined my lifestyle & at 34 I don't deserve that. I am not in the minority.

Most of HBP is not because of diet & excercise (lack of). It is genetic in many cases. 90-95% of HBP has no known cause. The meds. have made my lifestyle much worse over the past 2 years & many others have gone through the same thing with trial and error. If one has perfect blood tests, EKGS, thyroid tests+, then why are docs. so quick to to not try weaning more people off of these meds. when they are borderline??? My G/F who is 23 has had high readings of 143/78, my Mom has had readings of 150/100 at the doc.
Her father had a reading of 160/100 after work at the doc.... All have decent readings away from the doc. for the most part. All of the docs. wanted to put these people on B/P meds. They all refused. I don't blame them.

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