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Re: Early hyper tension -- any suggestions

Originally Posted by Lillians Axe

I have looked at one site where people rate the different meds. Lotrel 5/20 & Atenolol 100 MGS have ruined my lifestyle. Different side-effects everyday at 34 is no way to live. Yesterday my B/P was 113/67.... do I need to be on so many meds??? No. I am not so anti B/P med. for no reason. A small % of the population do need them, but I want the makers of these drugs to do more extensive testing to get rid of the side-effects and minimize them. If you think that this a small % of the population, you are incorrect. The majority that I have seen do have a lot of side-effects. There is one website where patients rate the drugs from 1-5. Look at all of the side-effects. What is worse??? Living like a zombie that feels like junk or having slightly elevated blood pressure??? Some people do need the meds., but they have ruined my lifestyle & at 34 I don't deserve that. I am not in the minority.

Most of HBP is not because of diet & excercise (lack of). It is genetic in many cases. 90-95% of HBP has no known cause. The meds. have made my lifestyle much worse over the past 2 years & many others have gone through the same thing with trial and error. If one has perfect blood tests, EKGS, thyroid tests+, then why are docs. so quick to to not try weaning more people off of these meds. when they are borderline??? My G/F who is 23 has had high readings of 143/78, my Mom has had readings of 150/100 at the doc.
Her father had a reading of 160/100 after work at the doc.... All have decent readings away from the doc. for the most part. All of the docs. wanted to put these people on B/P meds. They all refused. I don't blame them.

Hey Lillian,

Oh don't get me wrong, I know the drug makers would have all of us on HBP meds if they could. So I am not the anti-conspiracy theorist that believes everything that doctors say. But I also don't think, like some, that my Dr. is behind his closed office door wringing his hands and laughing like a mad man each time I leave the office with a BP script either.

If I were you...sounds like we both have a bit of white coat syndrome....I would do this. Go to your local fire station several times over the next two months or so while not on meds. Go in the AM, mid day, PM, before eating, after eating, while in a hurry, while completely relaxed, after sitting in traffic, etc. Get the gammet of emotions and stressors. Take detailed readings of your numbers along with date and time and conditions. If you average normal, you don't have high blood pressure in my mind. We spike BP during exercise, sex (yeee haw), stress times, etc. That takes the white coat out of it entirely and you get to rub elbows with good looking firemen--my station has a hottie woman working there . From what I understand, unless you are spiking into stroke level, you should be fine. But do some research and talk to your doctor about that. I don't see that you never expect a spike in the high range--you would be dead for that.

What is the website you were talking about regarding rating meds....I would love to see that.


I have HBP and cholesterol and was spiking numbers regardless of hoe