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Re: Early hyper tension -- any suggestions


I would like to post the site, but they will ban me from this one if I do it. Got to google, type in Atenolol stomach.... you should find the site easily that way.

I have taken my measurements at drug stores+ for 2 years. My spikes are 140/80 maybe once every 6-9 months on meds. My average on meds. is 114/66 now with a pulse rate of 52-55. I am going to a specialist to try & get off of 100 MGS of Atenolol & 5/20 of Lotrel on 2/10. I have had enough of GP's. Been to 3 in the past 2 years & I feel worse than ever after dealing with these meds. If you need more help with the site ask me. I have taken over 300 measurements of my B/P during different parts of the day. I do have white-coat. At the doc. it will be 156/86, because I have to drive 30 minutes in traffic, sit in a waiting room for 25 minutes+, they measure your weight, then you sit in another room for 20 minutes. By this time, I am nervous enough.....