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Re: does Broncitis cause mucus ?

Originally Posted by bluebanana
Sounds like you have post nasal drip which is the bain of most drs lives as it can be difficult to control. Its likely that it is caused by an allergy to something. Do you find that it is worse first thing in the morning? If so you could be allergic to house dust mite, quite a common allergy. Try getting protective covers for your pillows and matteress. Also if you have feather bedding then you could try changing it for hypoallergenic duvet and pillows.
If that doesn't help it may be worth a trip to your drs or the pharmacist, then you could try a mild antihistamine to see if that helps.
Also, maybe excessive saline flushing could be irritating the mucus membranes in your nasal passages, unlikely tho?
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hi blue and thank you for the reply, Last year I thought it may be an allergy,covered everything,spent 400 bucks,no help..even had allergy test,nothing. I've tried most all allergy meds,again no help.
I keep track of what I eat and have added nothing different into my diet. as I said it is 24/7 and when the mucus does come out it looks like thick clear jello,thats why I can't swallow it down. my breathing is getting worse and I do have a mild case of asthma.
thats why I was hoping to find out more about Broncitis??