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At wit's end--What finally worked for you?

What I want to know is how did those of you (if any..) who used to suffer from allergy/siunitis related symptoms finally stop it all? Surgery? A miracle Rx that finally worked??

I am at my wit's end! I know I still need to be tested for allergies but haven't the $$ and am not insured, so there is little I can do as far as testing goes. I pay attention to what I eat and when I have a reaction but my sinuses it seems constanly stay infected--the last time I was on antibiotics the symptoms didn't even go away, they just lessened. For a few weeks the blowing was less, the bleeding quit but then it all came back full force.

It doesn't help that I live in Lousy-anna, where the weather goes from 45 to 85 in a matter of days, sometimes only 24 hrs too! Now we're freezing again, so my nose will normally drip when I'm cold anyway, but I've been blowing it non stop for days, and still have blood in that too, although i've since bought some Silver Colloidal stuff, or Welness Silver, that's suppossed to be some natural antibiotic....we'll see I guess. After taking it yesterday I did notice that though I've still got a LOT of mucus coming from the nose, it isn't ALL yellow like it was when I first got sicker than I had been. I had a light fever (it felt like) when I got my worst these last few days...I'd get cold and just shiver for hours, despite being under a blanket. That's when I thought hmm maybe it's just a cold, and my sinuses are aggravated because of that! Because I didn't really run a temperature I just felt like I did.....but I am still blowing my nose and my life had to go on, I had to work, even though we had the holiday Monday. I'd hoped I'd be better by now, but I'm not....I have to carry kleenex packs with me--those small kinds--everywhere I go which is very embarrassing--and I've been going through one whole small pack like that A DAY!!!! That is a lot!

I just don't know where else to turn with this, the only ENT I've seen said that really the only hope for me is surgery, but i've also been told (mostly by friends and family) that I should get a 2nd opinion. But one of myDrs, who used to be a GP, said that most likely I'd be better off just moving to a different climate...or getting out of my house (like that's possible) I live in an old moldy house, that smells kind of musty. The mold on the outside is controllable, but recently we've discovered it growing under the sheetrock and only in our bedroom. Greeat! What luck that ours is the moldy room! We would just switch rooms with the other room, but the AC Unit doesn't work in there, it's way smaller than ours now (which is even now too small for me and my husband) and in Louisiana, it's summer 10 months out of the year or so.

Any suggestions to battle the symptoms in the meantime? I am just getting into things like meditation too, to calm my mind as my symptoms do flare up more when I'm ultra stressed... But what finally made life livable for all of you?
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