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Re: At wit's end--What finally worked for you?

Sorry to hear about all your sinus problems. I can certainly relate, as I've suffered with chronic sinus infections for probably close to ten years now. It seems like the doctors don't have an answer. I've been put on antibiotics only to have it clear up (at least appear to) and then come right back. Then it's another round of antibiotics, and so on. One year I had eight sinus infections from November to March. I was hardly ever well. I'm so fed up with being sick half my life I could scream! The doctors seem to have no answers, as all they can come up with when I ask them what I can do to prevent getting these darn things all the time is, "Blow your nose more" and "Wash your hands more." Well, if I do that any more than I already do, I'll look like Rudolph and have my hands scraped raw! So much for their advice! I tried colloidal silver; maybe it makes a difference for some other people, but I couldn't see any chance...I still got sick. I decided to save all that money and not buy it anymore, because it certainly is NOT cheap! I do have allergies, especially to dustmites, so I've removed all the curtains and carpeting that was in the house and try to keep the place vacuumed as often as I can. I wet mop our bedroom floor and dust frequently. I wash our bed linen in hot water. I use the air conditioner in the summer. I have an air cleaner running in the winter. I've done everything that the doctor/allergist suggested short of ripping out our heating system, which is forced hot air. I can't afford to replace that, and if it's like everything else that I've tried, it wouldn't matter anyway even if I did spend all that money to replace it with another type of heat. One thing I want to try yet is nasal irrigation. I just ordered a Hydro Pulse machine on the net and it should be getting here in about a week, so I will cross my fingers that daily nasal irrigation will be the answer for me. I thought that $80 or so was a lot for the machine, but considering all the money I spend at the doctor and pharmacy during the fall and winter, the money spent on the machine is a mere drop in the bucket compared to those other expenses! I long for the day when I can say goodbye to sinus infections forever! I will post on here at a later time how the machine is working out for me, and maybe that can be an answer for you too (I'm already kind of counting on it being one for me!)