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Re: Vertigo

Quigolf, how is it going now?

I am having/have-had similiar symtpoms to what you mention. I could never put a name to it, to decribe the feeling. But I guess veritgo is the best word, or dizziness. I hate telling the doctor 'dizzy' because they want to prescribe anti-dizzy meds that I don't want or need.

I had the problem several years ago, and unfortunately it came back about three weeks ago. I am thankful for two-three years without it, but now its time to look into it again. At the time, afete CAT scns, etc, the docs could not tell me what was going on. A chiropractor thuoght it might be related to my working out.

I am currently seeing an ENT/Allergist who has put me on a steroid for 1-week to see if that does anything. My left forehead is painful to the touch, right over the sinus area. I am not currently having any sinus trouble, but his initial thougts were that the nerve that runs behind the eye/around the sinus,,could be affected by an enlarged/aggitated sinus. Anyway, the first few days of the steroid were great, no more pain/dizziness. Then on the fourth day, it cam back strong. On that day, I had a pretty hard workout at the gym, and that night I smoked a few ciggs. I usually don't smoke, but I did htat night.

About the same time the pain came back in my head, I started getting some back pains, I am going to see a chiro about it otmorrow fro some re-alignment. My thoughts are that maybe there is a nerve that is getting pinched, or something - and the other end of the nerve (in my head) is radiating the pain,,,does that make sense?

I don't know, its very frustrating. I have yet to see a neurologist, but I will if things don't get better in a few weeks.

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