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Question about freezing pillow

I am very allergic to dust mites and am trying everything I can think of to try to eliminate as many of them as possible here at the house. We tore out all the carpeting and took down all the curtains and replaced them with blinds. I've been washing the bed linens often in hot water. I remember reading somewhere already (it was quite awhile ago that I read it and can't remember where I read it) that you can kill dustmites that are on your pillow by putting it into the freezer. Has anyone ever heard of doing this? Does it really work? Our freezer is only the small one with our refrigerator and so I would just barely be able to fit it in there. I would suppose since it's only 11 outside here right now that that would probably even be better yet, huh? I wonder how long I should keep it outside? Of course, once the weather gets above freezing (it isn't always below freezing here in the winter but is for the most part) and in the spring, summer, and fall, I would have to put the pillow in the freezer. So I guess I'd better start emptying the food out of the freezer before the spring thaw! lol

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