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Protien Bars Question

Hi everyone. Since the first of the month my resolution like so many other people is to get fit with excercise and eating right. I am really new to the healthy type of lifestyle.
Anyway I have tried protien bars in the past and hated them because they usually taste AWFUL. My friend was told by a dietician that Carb Fit bars are delicious and she could have one every day for a sanck when she felt the need to trick herself into eating something that tasted like chocolate. So I tried them and love them too.
My question is, is it ok to have it as a snack (between my lunch and dinner snack) or should it be used as a meal replacement. It has 15 grams of protien, 210 calories and 7.1 grams of fat, also 23 grams of carbs. Also when is the best time to eat it because I ususally excercise around 12:30pm. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
BTW- these bars are awesome. They taste just like reeses peices peanut butter cups--they are new and have been selling out like crazy around here. I had to do a special order at wal-mart to get some.

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