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Re: At wit's end--What finally worked for you?

Hi comeonenow,

Well it certainly seems you've had your share of nasal/sinus miseries!! All my life I have had allergies, was born with them and have always had skin rashes and stuff like that too. But the sinus infections didn't start till I moved to the house I am in now, I've never been so sick in my life, but even when I'm not in that house, then my alleriges get worse--it is like the sinus pain is bad when I am at my house, when I go anywhere else I sneeze and get red eyes and if it isn't one it's the other!

Like you, all the drs ever do for me is say here are some more antibiotics but even the ENT said that those won't really help me, they'll just make me feel better for a limited time. He was right, after being on antibiotics for almost 3 months straight (talk about a yeast infection from hell, after that, if your a female like me!) I still got sick yet again, it only lasted like 3 months, and I was back to a Dr again.

But perhaps I've been this way all my life and really do need the surgery, regardless of where I live. I just can't aford it now!

I hear you about the cost of the meds, and the silver! It's bad. I liked being on the Zyrtec when I was, have you tried that? I wouldn't sneeze hardly at all on it.

I hope that the machine does work for you. I am thinking of investing in a humidifier, like I used to have as a small child. I got sick every single winter as a kid, and had sinus infections and bad allergies then, and I couldn't sleep without it, so I'm thinking if I can't get one of those Hepa filters, then a humidifier like they sell at walmart might offer some relief! I hope you feel some relief soon!
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