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Re: Protien Bars Question

I eat one everyday, LOL, and it's kind of like my saving grace, however I do eat a cheating dessert once and a while. ANyways, I really really crave sweets in the morning, especially with my coffee, and I've been eating "Zone bars" and later some fruit or veg, then like oatmeal and a protein shake, then like veggies and lean meat or burrito throughout the day, etc etc. WHat I'm saying is, I eat a balanced diet and TOTALLY ENJOY my peanut butter "Zone" bar in the morning with my coffee( I know coffee ain't healthy but I only have 2 cups in the morning and I tried giving it up but it's so hard and I like it, so what the hey!) It has omega 3's in it, 7 g of fat, 210 calories, 22g of carbs 13g of sugar, and is way better than a candy bar and the bar is all natural. So no they aren't the BEST but surely aren't the worst and if your diet is mainly clean, then I would enjoy. To the original poster, which one's are you referring too. Veggie girl, what kind do you eat?

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