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Re: DKAY-how long did u wait till 2nd acdf during advent of second herniation

Hey there sweetie...

Don't worry...just post and vent...

As far as the cages I will route around this p.m. as the cage issue and its problems were discussed on this board by others so its here somewhere. I will get the thread and let you know.

As far as web sites this forum has rules about quoting web sites and especially NOT when they have chat lines on them so it is hard for me to quote you any other than to say type in CAGES used in back surgery (or something like that) and see what other back forums its leads you to wherein they discuss same.

Re; family support....yeah I have found that unless your bleeding people don't get it....I cannot imagine how a cancer victim feels between the pain,..possibly progressive and life threatening. Family can only help so matter how much one is loved others can only understand by personal experience....that's why support groups cannot listen to it every day; they get frightened and just want the old you back and it is pressure on you to expect to be this again.

Take your time....find out what you can...rebook appts. with drs and ask why the pain persists ..are cages known for possible problems ...We are usually in so much pain that when we opt to get the surgery we are not especially attuned to all the pros and cons and only want don't feel bad if questions are after the fact..,,you must fight for an answer.

As far as another surgery, I am hoping to do this disc shrinkage in my neck which will retract the bulge.,.having had the surgery I am able to do it again but it all seems sooo sooooooon.. if I can find an alternative I will... I don't want things worse right????

So I'll be thinking of you too...we all have our cross to bear ...some more crosses than others but gall darnit this is a mechanical problem and it should be fixable and if all else fails know get a pain relief implant or whatever it is called like Jerry Lewis has...he had 30 years of pain ....three years much less and lost 78 lbs and if he can do it and still find a solution you and I and others can.

So take care now and take your pain relief and try some homeopathic lthings like glucosamine and shark's powder etc or whatever else seems to work for others and may work for you.

Good to you later....Nero

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