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Re: DKAY-how long did u wait till 2nd acdf during advent of second herniation

Hi, you know you have gift for making people feel better even if you don't feel wonderful yourself!!!!! That is a wonderful gift!!!!
I will do some digging and see what info I can find.I have a tendancy to get lost wondering around on the "puter" asmy brother calls it.This has always been my kids dept.To many times I seem to end up on a loop that I just can't get out of.Mostly because I know the info's there but can't quite get at it.I'ts a conspiracy to keep me
Anyway thankyou for the words of encouragement, they make me feel a heck of a lot better.
What does glucosamine and shark's powder do?
Also have you ever tried accupuncture for pain?I hate needles,but I swear they do not hurt! I went myself for 3 1/2 months while I was still able to work(I was to far gone)but my hubby's godfather went and didn't have to have surgery on his neck (he had close problem to yours) his disk's went back to where they were supposed to be.
You do need a good one,like any other doc. But well worth a try.
I've tried a few homeopathic things but that is something I've just started to learn about. So I don't know a great deal about it.All though I,ve always used my owne brand of meditation, works somewhat.Take care I'll talk to ya later.