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Cool hey im new

hey everyone ! i have been reading ths board for the past year and for some reason i couldnt register the first time and so i was just reading and reading and reading these replys for a year * so im a newbie, but not really * anyways i have wanted to post for so long, i finally got on and posted some new questison i have by DYING TO ASK .. anyways if anybdoy needs help i know a lot. here is all the things i have tried :

-retin A
-clindamyacin phosphate gel/ 5% BP
-clindamyacin phosphate lotion
-minocycline for 5 monts
-beyond belief
-etc.. etc.. et.c...... tons of ****

ok so that is all i have treid. right now my situation is i had it really bad for like a year. well now it is finaly clearing now i have red marks, wwhite milia white head bumps. hypertrophic scarring, shaloow pit scars, and uneven tone plus im 24 and have saggy skin now .. before this whole mess started i had PERFECT skin. i guess my compulsive picking got me down. anyways i have fianlly stopped and with the antibiotics i do see a diffrence but it is still not where i want it. what really bugs me is these damn hypertrophic bump scars does anybody know anything about scars and stuff ????

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