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Foggy feeling....

Hi everyone--

I am new to the health boards but I am sure glad I found them! For the past 5 years I have had all of these same symptoms :

Brain fog
feeling disconnected
when someone is talking to me its hard for me to take in everything they are saying
memory problems
fullness in both ears
ringing in both ears
honestly, its just a drunkish feeling......not a good feeling at all!

And, it all started back when I had a bad sinus infection.....I had to have surgery to fix the infection, but this "off" feeling was still there. At that time I was in college and didn't have a whole lot of time to go from doctor to doctor, and it seems as everyone knows that its hard to get a doctor to listen to you with these type of symptoms cuz they think I am crazy...which I know im not. Well, these past couple months its been driving me crazy because I know this feeling is not normal at I've been going doctor to doctor....and Im off to my 3rd ENT tomorrow...hopefully he will listen to me...and I also have an appt. with a neuro-otologist in a couple of not stopping until I get this problem figured out!
I've also been to a neurologist who put me on anti-depressants (it seems like we've all been through the same thing) and she wanted me to go get counseling to "talk" about this "feeling" im having....good grief.
Its gotten bad to where its affecting my driving....does anyone else have that problem?
Anyways....does anyone have a good way to describe this feeling to a doctor without them looking at me like im crazy? I really want the doctor to listen to me and help me.......any help would be greatly appreciated.


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