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Re: Foggy feeling....

Hi Sherrie:
Sorry you are having to deal with this junk and the Medical Blowoff as well. I think you are off to a good start with your list of symptoms and determination to seek out a Dr. who can help.
Driving problems I have experienced. My dizziness/anxiety would always be set off when driving, especially when stopped at a light after moving. Actually I had to drop all but one of my college classes last term because my husband had to drive me for awhile 40 min. one way but thankfully now I am driving much better on my own.
As for the neurologist suggesting counseling I know of several people who have been helped by it (CBT) and it doesn't necessarily mean it's just all in your head. The cognitive stuff is real and the counseling is just one way of working through it.
Don't get discouraged...this can be a long journey for some. Hope you're on your way to some answers.